Many interesting and poignant news articles have been published regarding leadership, fundraising efforts and the subsequent selling off of real estate by the Corcoran. Here, we have compiled those stories.

February 5, 2015

New York Times, Art & Design
“Corcoran Gallery Art Transforms National Gallery”
by Randy Kennedy


August 27, 2014

Washington City Paper, Arts Desk
“Six Steps to Restore Our Faith in the Corcoran”
by Kriston Capps

August 18, 2014

Washington Post, Style Blog
“Corcoran Merger with National Gallery, George Washington University approved: 7 things you need to know”
by Maura Judkis

“Judge approves merger of Corcoran Gallery of Art”
by Brett Zongker

Judge Robert Okun’s decision to grant the Trustees of the Corcoran Cy Prés
Court Briefing


August 16, 2014

Washington Post, Opinions
“Art preservation needed at the Corcoran”
by Camila Rondon and Jayme McLellan


August 12, 2014

Washington Post, Museums
“For Save the Corcoran, an anxious wait in the face of a merger”
by Maura Judkis

Washington City Paper, Arts Desk
“Why Isn’t Jayme McLellan Teaching at the Corcoran This Fall?”
by Christina Cauterucci


August 11, 2014

Washington Post, Style
“The Corcoran Should Remain Intact. Here’s why.”
by Philip Kennicott

LA Times, Arts & Entertainment
“Claims of retaliation for faculty dissent at Corcoran Gallery of Art”
by Christopher Knight

August 8, 2014

The InTowner
“Corcoran’s Move to Dissolve Legally & Transfer Art & Building by Cy Près Proceeding Challenged in Court; Decision Very Soon”
by Anthony L. Harvey


August 6, 2014

Washington Post, Museums
“Closing arguments presented in plan to break up Corcoran Gallery”
by David Montgomery

“Judge Hears Arguments on Corcoran Gallery Merger”
by Brett Zongker

August 4, 2014

The Wall Street Journal, Life & Culture
“Isn’t There a Better Way? A Hearing to decide the fate of the Corcoran Gallery of Art”
by Lee Rosenbaum


July 31, 2014

Washington Post, Museums
“University of Maryland adds own plan to proposals for rescue of Corcoran Gallery”
by David Montgomery