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Dear Save the Corcoran Supporters,

As you may be aware, this has been an incredibly important week for our efforts.

On Tuesday, we were pleased to learn that the D.C. Preservation Society had filed paperwork to amend the Corcoran Gallery of Arts’ historic landmark status to include the building’s interior. As reported by the Washington Post, the Associated Press, Arts Journal, ArtInfo and others, this move would immediately prevent construction in any historic areas of the Corcoran’s interior.

This measure does not necessarily prevent the Corcoran’s Board of Trustees from relocating. It does, however, serve as a critical reminder to the Trustees and the community at large about the cultural and historic significance of the Corcoran’s home. Moreover, the limitations on construction will immediately impact the Board’s ability to sell the building.

We also want to draw your attention to Phillip Kennicott’s editorial that will be in this Sunday’s Washington Post. We have copied the article in its entirety and it is posted below this entry.

Entitled, “As Corcoran Sale Looms, the Silence of its Board of Directors is Disturbing,” this excellent article outlines several of the most important concerns that the Corcoran community has been voicing since the beginning of the summer. We encourage all of you to take a moment to read the article, and to consider sharing it with other concerned individuals.  As Kennicott states at the conclusion of his piece, “Although legally the board has the right to decide the future of the Corcoran, civically it answers to the people of Washington, the larger Corcoran community and the spirit of William Wilson Corcoran.”

To that end, we want to thank you for you ongoing effort to support this issue over the past four months.  By signing the Save the Corcoran petition, participating in community forums, spreading the word, or simply following us on Facebook and Twitter, you are taking a vitally important role in this cause.

The fact is that we still have a long road ahead of us.  But as we have said from the start, the strength of any cultural institution is in the community that supports it.  Having you as an active part of that community has made a huge difference in our efforts so far, and we simply cannot thank you enough.

Best Regards,

The Save the Corcoran Coalition

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