Corcoran Gallery of Art to Remain in Historic Washington Home


Save the Corcoran, a community coalition of Corcoran alumni, current and former faculty, members, arts leaders, artists, educators, and business professionals who care deeply about the fate of the institution, issues the following statement today:

Save the Corcoran is extremely pleased to learn that Corcoran leaders have voted to keep the museum in the historic Flagg Building that has housed the Corcoran since 1897.  Read the full article here.  We applaud Corcoran leaders for listening to the D.C. arts community’s grave concerns about the proposed sale of the building and relocation of the museum, and we commend them for honoring their commitment to keeping all options on the table with regard to finding sustainable solutions.

Moving forward, Save the Corcoran urges Corcoran leaders to extend that commitment to the community.  Corcoran leadership will face several critically important decisions over the next several months about the future of this great institution.  It is equally important that leaders commit to standing with the community as those decisions are made, communicating transparently and in the spirit of collaboration.

Save the Corcoran will be happy to work with the Trustees to make the Corcoran whole and healthy again, and we are honored to have been invited to meet with them next week.  As part of that effort, Save the Corcoran recommends the immediate reconstitution of leadership with a progressive, innovative vision that will leverage the resources the institution needs for long-term health and sustainability.  It would be our pleasure to lend our time and talents to such an effort.

As Save the Corcoran has stated throughout this crisis, the power of any cultural institution is in the community that supports it.  The Corcoran community is ready and waiting to work together and support you.

About Save the Corcoran

Save the Corcoran is a non-profit organization comprised of a broad community of donors, artists, students, faculty, alumni and supporters, united to oppose the sale of the National Historic Landmark Building that has housed the Corcoran since 1897.  Proposing a more open and honest dialogue about the institution’s future, the group is rooted in a sincere effort to collaborate with Corcoran leadership on a solution that will address the gallery’s needs while maintaining its historic home and identity.



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