Advisory Committee Letter

Dear Save the Corcoran Advisory Committee Members,

It is hard to believe, but it has been a year.

One year ago, we as a community first stood together, united in our concern, confusion and outrage over the proposed sale of the historic Ernest Flagg building that houses our beloved Corcoran.

In that year, we have witnessed the power of a motivated and mobilized community.  We have seen the power of each and every one of you – and so many more – sharing your voice in the news, on social media, and face-to-face…and our voice was most certainly heard!  Save the Corcoran is incredibly proud of our accomplishments this past year, and that certainly includes all of your tireless contributions.  Thanks to your efforts, we know that the Corcoran will remain in its historic home.

Our mission, however, continues today.  In spite of our accomplishments, the Corcoran still faces an uncertain future. We want you to know that Save the Corcoran remains fully committed to demanding total transparency and proper stewardship over the institution’s future. And this includes ensuring that Corcoran leaders recognize that the community deserves a real voice moving forward. We pledge that we will continue our efforts to work with Corcoran leaders, with the D.C. government, with our legal team, with the media, and with each of you to keep this mission alive.  We simply believe that a whole and healthy Corcoran is most certainly worth that effort.

As we step into the next phase of our shared goal to Save the Corcoran, we look forward to working together with you.

Best regards,

The Save the Corcoran Coalition

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